High School and Beyond - providing a lifetime of insight

The High School and Beyond Study Continues!

New follow up beginning in 2021! The High School & Beyond (HS&B) study started in 1980. High school students across the nation participated in this research project and reported their experiences. Follow-up surveys were conducted in 1982, 1984, 1986, 1992 , 2014 and 2015 as students progressed from high school into the early and mid stages of their adult life. Keep an eye out for phone calls, texts, or emails coming your way with more information about participating in 2021!

HS&B data have been used to understand many critical national issues such as the role of bilingual education, the impact of high school graduation, and the effects of schools on marriage, divorce, and work outcomes in young adults.

It’s been 40 years since the initial HS&B surveys were conducted, and the original HS&B students are now middle age adults. This group of people is in a new and interesting phase in their life. It’s time to continue the HS&B study!

The HS&B study continues in 2021 to provide a unique opportunity to learn more about this important generation and to explore how high school and early adult experiences affect people’s lives in their 50s and beyond. Through grant funding from the National Institute on Aging (Grant R01 AG058719) and the Alzheimer’s Association (Grant SG-20-717567), investigators at the University of Minnesota (John Robert Warren), the University of Texas (Chandra Muller), the University of Wisconsin (Eric Grodsky), and Columbia University (Jennifer Manly) have partnered with NORC to follow up with the HS&B sample members.

Hands Across America, 1986. Photo by Bernie Boston, American photo journalist.